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Toronto Auto Auctions

Milton, Ontario

This new main entrance, office & cafeteria extensions is the latest work undertaken by this firm for this client. The original 1989 building, designed on a 65 acres contained 6 auction lanes. Subsequently, 10 additional lanes and numerous office expansions were undertaken as the site more than doubled its size. With the growth of the business, it became apparent, that the entrance and lobby demanded a visual upgrading and the cafeteria required an enlarged makeover.

The higher, curved, glazed, exterior canopy, now visible from the greater distance was continued into the heart of the business foyer as a rooflight. The green reflective curving, curtainwall visually announces the cafeteria, a very important component of the Auctions. The curving, aluminum pannelled, rain screen wall system is silver in colour. The complete facility was delivered via Design-Build method with the last addition constructed by First Gulf Developments.