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Sheridan Park Office Building

Mississauga, Ontario

Allen & Sherriff were commissioned by GE Real Estate to develop a scheme to intensify development on their site in Sheridan Park office and technology campus. The building and site works are designed to LEED silver standards.

LEED features include machine roomless elevator, enhanced HVAC for indoor air quality, lighting and HVAC controls, bicycle parking and showers for commuters, rainwater cistern for irrigation and bioswale for stormwater management.

This new office building, delivered via the Design-Build method by Urbacon for GE Real Estate, is located on a 14.3 acre site on Speakman Drive. The site has exposure to the QEW and Winston Churchhill Boulevard.

This 9,478m2/100,000,000 SF 4 storey facility has 4.2/1000 parking.

The plan is highly efficient with useable are reaching 90% of the floor plate. The building features a longer span structure to maximize column free space on the office floors.

The building is clad in white architectural precast concrete panels with reflective black vertical butt glazing.